Things are coming together…I hope!

I am trying really hard not to get my hopes up, but I think we might finally be on the right track to getting all of Gavin’s services set-up. Yesterday after a three month waiting period he was finally assigned an occupational therapist to his case. The OT will be able to provide Doug and I with techniques to help calm Gavin down when he is feeling restless. Gavin is an interesting case because he is both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding. At the end of the day we know that the OT can’t work miracles, but she can definitely provide us with the tools we need to place Gavin on a better path for success.

When Gavin is in the sensory seeking state he is jumping on furniture or crashing into the couch. He is always on the go, he loves to roughhouse or be tickled, and constantly has to be touching something. He can, at times, be aggressive but it is really just him seeking out what he needs again. He never means to hurt anyone.

His sensory defensiveness is similar to my last post about his haircut.  Common symptoms that we notice with Gavin include over reaction to high-pitched noises, intolerance of bright lights and uncomfortableness with certain types of fabrics that come in contact with his skin.We have already accepted that the Halloween costume we bought him at the end of last season will not be worn this year. Instead we will buy some cute Halloween related apparel.

Yesterday we also met with our first agency, which is our favorite, for ABA services for Gavin. We LOVE this group because they are understanding that we are still a family and we need this to work into our everyday life. They offered to do sessions at the grocery store to teach Gavin how to behave in public places and to walk to his weekly play group at the library so he learns to sit in circle time. The just seemed so amenable to accommodating our lives. Fingers crossed we are supposed to hear back from them on Thursday!


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