Last week I was fortunate enough to stay home for a couple of hours and watch Gavin’s therapy sessions. I typically only get to see a half hour each week of his 14.5 hours that he participates in weekly. There were a lot of pros that I will get to later, but the negatives were so clear that they left me going back to worked frustrated and somewhat defeated.

I have been thinking that Gavin has made tremendous progress with eye contact, but I have come to learn that skill has only improved with Doug and me. He struggled and sometimes refused to look directly at his therapists several times throughout the session. It’s painful to sit back and not jump into the session and help him along. I have to sit there quietly and observe all while watching him grow frustrated that he can’t communicate what he wants. There are moments when I wish that I spoke Gavin’s language. I can see that he understands what is happening, but he lacks essential tools to communicate back with all of us. It is truly heartbreaking.

Now onto the pros…Gavin’s receptive language has improved tremendously. He is able to follow simple directions like grab your shoes or give mommy a hug. He also is showing just how intelligent he is when he is playing with various puzzles. He can complete them with minimal assistance and points for the pieces he wants next.

I know that his progress will continue to be gradual, but the mom in me wants it to happen so much faster; for me but also for him. I just hate watching him struggle, I’d give anything to make life easier for him.


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